We are an international cannabis company dedicated to bringing innovative, effective and high-quality cannabis products to the medical, wellness and adult-use markets. Our experienced team of industry first-movers and enterprising visionaries has secured a diversified supply of raw cannabis; strong clinical, scientific and operating capabilities; and leading research and development infrastructure in order to create trusted products and brands in an expanding global market.

Dosecann Cannabis Solutions

Dosecann product packaging purple and white boxes
Oil drops transparent on grey background
Dosecann Cannabis Solutions logo on purple background

Dosecann is a clinical wellness brand built on pillars of quality, efficacy and safety. Backed by science and advanced research and development, Dosecann products are driving today's innovation and establishing tomorrow's standards.

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Robinsons Cannabis

Rolling green mountains next to an ocean
Lighthouse painted red and white stripes
Robsinons logo on green background

Robinsons is Canada’s premier producer of fine crafted cannabis. Hand-tended and cultivated in the heart of Annapolis Valley, NS, Robinsons’ commitment to quality is unwavering at every stage of cultivation and production, working to produce a premium product for discerning cannabis consumers.

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Kolab Project

Inside Lloydminster Lab 001 store
Black shirt with grey textures
Kolab Project receipt font on yellow background

Kolab Project is a platform dedicated to arts, design and culture. Our mission is to provide Canadians with a carefully curated selection of exceptional cannabis products, while championing high quality, purposeful goods produced in collaboration with culturally-relevant creators.

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Cannabis plant in shadow on orange yellow gradient background
Foray branded vaporizer and box.
Foray logo on blue background

Foray aims to be an accessible entry point for anybody—at any stage of their cannabis journey. Designed for the curious, we aim to both celebrate and educate one’s foray into cannabis, ultimately inviting them to see cannabis differently.

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