As our business takes shape, new opportunities forged meaningful partnerships which have now become the foundation on which our company is built. We’re creating a world-class platform by forming strategic partnerships with best-in-class cultivators, product innovators and developers, researchers and marketers. As we continue to strengthen our platform and bolster the industry through ingenuity and innovation, we’re focused on providing value to our partners, helping them reach their full potential through ongoing support across cultivation, regulatory, construction, retail, branding, and financing.

Cultivation Projects

Robinsons Cannabis
Description Ultra premium indoor cannabis cultivation
Location Kentville, Nova Scotia
Facility Size 27,700 square feet
Attributable Production 1,100 kg annually
Stage Licensed and Operational
First Delivery Q4 2019
Structure Wholly-Owned Subsidiary
Kolab Project
Description Purpose-built indoor cannabis cultivation
Location Carleton Place, Ontario
Facility Size 20,000 square feet
Attributable Production 1,000 kg annually
Stage Licensed and Operational
First Delivery Active
Structure Wholly-Owned Subsidiary
Delta-9 Cannabis
Description Pod-based premium indoor cannabis cultivation
Location Winnipeg, Manitoba
Facility Size 80,000 square feet
Attributable Production 5,000 kg annually
Stage Licensed and Operational
First Delivery Active
Structure Offtake Agreement
Description Purpose-built indoor cannabis cultivation and micropropagation
Location Guelph, Ontario
Facility Size 35,500 square feet
Attributable Production 800 kg annually
Stage Licensed and Operational
First Delivery Active
Structure Streaming Agreement
Lotus Ventures Inc.
Description Premium indoor cannabis cultivation
Location Armstrong, British Columbia
Facility Size 26,667 square feet
Attributable Production 2,000 kg annually
Stage Licensed and Operational
First Delivery Q4 2019
Structure Streaming Agreement
Green Relief
Description Aquaponics-based indoor cannabis cultivation
Location Flamborough, Ontario
Facility Size 210,000 square feet
Attributable Production 1,000 kg annually
Stage Licensed and Operational
First Delivery Q3 2019
Structure Offtake Agreement
Description Large-scale greenhouse cannabis cultivation
Location Leamington, Ontario
Facility Size 1,400,000 square feet (operations will be phased in over 2020-2021)
Attributable Production 155,000 kg annually (projected production output is based on entire facility at full operation; is a joint venture between the parties)
Stage Facility under construction
First Delivery Q1 2020
Structure Joint-Venture
Curative Cannabis
Description Indoor premium craft cannabis cultivation
Location Chatham-Kent, Ontario
Facility Size 30,000 square feet
Attributable Production 1,300 kg annually
Stage Facility nearing end of construction
First Delivery Q1 2020
Structure Streaming Agreement
Atlantic Cultivation
Description Purpose-built indoor cannabis cultivation
Location St. John’s, Newfoundland
Facility Size 105,000 square foot
Attributable Production 4,800 kg annually
Stage Construction to begin in May 2019
First Delivery Q3 2020
Structure Joint-Venture

Product Development

Dosecann Cannabis Solutions
Description Licensed Processor and Analytical Testing Laboratory
Location Prince Edward Island
Facility Size 42,000 square feet

Dosecann is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Auxly Cannabis Group and is a holder of a Processing Licence and Analytical Testing Licence pursuant to the Cannabis Act. Dosecann hosts 42,000 square feet of space dedicated to extraction, quality testing, research and development, product formulation and manufacturing. The facility will serve as the hub for Auxly and its partners to develop and manufacture higher margin, value-added cannabis products for the medical and adult-use markets.


Inverell S.A.
Description Large-scale outdoor cultivation of hemp
Location Montevideo, Uruguay
Facility Size Approx. 187 Hectares
Production 1,000kg+ of CBD isolate (annual production expected to ramp up to 10,000kg of CBD isolate by 2021)
Stage Licensed and Operational
First Delivery Q4 2019
Structure 80% Owned Subsidiary
ICC International Cannabis Corp.

Auxly is a preferred commercial partner to ICC for its future international and domestic cannabis ventures for a period of 10 years from the effective date of the Agreement. In particular, during the term, Auxly has a right of first refusal, with certain limited exceptions, in respect of: supplying ICC’s extensive world-wide distribution channels in the event that Kaneh Bosm is looking to source cannabis products; any sale or off-take agreement pursuant to which ICC intends to sell or distribute cannabis products to any third party; purchasing any of ICC’s assets (including its subsidiaries) in the event that it intends to sell any such assets to a third party; and licensing any intellectual property owned or developed by ICC, or its subsidiaries, in the event that ICC intends to license such intellectual property. ICC was awarded the first cultivation license in Greece in October 2018.

Strategic Partnerships

Dixie Brands

Dixie Brands, parent of Dixie Elixir, is a leading producer and brand of cannabinoid infused products in the United States. Auxly has entered into an exclusive licensing arrangement with Dixie for access to the branding and formulation methodologies for over 100 products in Dixie’s portfolio. These products are intended for distribution into both the Canadian medical and adult use markets.

Province Brands

Province Brands is a highly disruptive, Toronto, Ontario based cannabis-based beverage company. Led by experienced entrepreneur Dooma Wendschuh, Province retains a patent-pending process to create the world’s first beer brewed from cannabis. With a dose-response curve similar to that of alcohol, Province provides a safer and healthier alternative designed to challenge the $1.2tn alcohol industry. Auxly holds a 10% equity stake in Province Brands.

KGK Science

KGK Science is a wholly owned subsidiary of Auxly Cannabis Group and operates as a contract research organization based in London, Ontario. For nearly two decades, KGK has served many of North America’s leading nutraceutical, natural health products and consumer packaged goods companies such as Kraft Foods, Sanofi, Nature’s Bounty, and NuSkin. KGK works with their clients in substantiating claims for their products through randomized clinical trials in addition to providing other research services such as participant recruitment, regulatory compliance solutions, research support services and consulting. Along with KGK’s involvement in the health and wellness space, KGK has expanded their research capabilities to include cannabinoid and animal products in recent years.


Parent of Spirit Leaf Inc, Inner Spirit aims to be the leader in franchising retail dispensaries and is the first and only cannabis company granted Canadian Franchise Association membership. To date, Inner Spirit has over 100 corporate and franchise Spiritleaf retail cannabis locations under development in Canada. Auxly owns approximately 15% of the outstanding shares of Inner Spirit and has a Strategic Alliance Agreement with Inner Spirit, pursuant to which Auxly and Inner Spirit will collaborate on retail initiatives including product acquisition and in-store marketing and branding.