A truly unique investment opportunity within the international cannabis industry. Auxly has created a foundational platform spanning the entire cannabis value-chain, minimizing risk while simultaneously maximizing exposure to multiple, geographically-diverse cannabis companies through a single source.

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2018 Overview Financial and Operational Highlights


Auxly Cannabis Group Inc. Corporate Presentation



World Cannabis Congress Saint John, NB

Panel: Chuck Rifici, Chair and CEO, Auxly Cannabis Group, Mark Zekulin, President, Canopy Growth Corporation, Alan Gertner, CEO Hiku Brands, Greg Engel, CEO Organigram, Jakob Ripshtein, Chief Commercial Officer, Aphria. Moderator: Jackie King, COO Canadian Chamber of Commerce

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Auxly Reports Q3 2018 Financial Results and Highlights Key Milestones

Auxly is a global cannabis company with assets in every segment of the cannabis value chain. Through three distinct verticals: Upstream, Midstream and Downstream, Auxly's platform provides for a significant amount of operational flexibility and control resulting in improved margin dynamics. Auxly’s management team has prioritized the following objectives for each of the Company’s business segments

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Auxly Announces Receipt of SENACLAFT Approval and Closing of Inverell S.A. Acquisition

Inverell is a federally licensed Cannabis Operator based in Montevideo, Uruguay. Led by Dr. Raúl Urbina, Inverell is a large-scale outdoor producer of hemp plants for CBD extraction operating on an initial footprint of approximately 300 hectares. Inverell has recently commenced the planting of its feminized seeds on 150 hectares (approximately 16.1 million square feet) which it expects to complete

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Auxly Announces Cultivation and Retail Expansion Into Newfoundland & Labrador Through Strategic Partnership With Atlantic Cultivation

Atlantic was founded by a team with a long-standing commitment to building opportunities in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Pillars of local industry, Christopher J. Hickman, Tom Collingwood Sr., Cynthia Crosbie and the entire Atlantic team lend to the project decades of unparalleled strategic leadership and oversight from diverse business environments. Atlantic’s collective of entrepre

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